Club Congress in the Hotel Congress

In 1985, a music Venue was opened in the Hotel Congress situated in 311 E Congress St., Tucson, Arizona, United States, 85701. National Historic Register added the Hotel Congress in its list in 2003. Richard and Shana Oseran are the owner of the Hotel Congress. The Los Angeles architectural firm William and Alexander Curlett constructed this hotel and the musical avenue. The Music Venue has turned into a prime Venue for visiting bands playing in Tucson. In February, 2005, the stage was totally upgraded by neighborhood Latino craftsman Daniel Martin Diaz. ZZ best guitarist Billy Gibbons has said that the Tap room at Inn Congress is his most loved bar.

Club Congress is viewed or known as the longest-running scene of its kind west of the Mississippi, and, to some degree as a result of this qualification, Arizona Representative Janet Napolitano issued an announcement on July 25, 2005, that Labor Day weekend would be known as “Club Congress Weekend”. And during Labor Day weekend, the Inn puts on a three-day, three-night unrecorded music shows known as “HOCOFest”. In 2008, the HOCOFest highlighted exhibitions by forty live acts including The Meat Manikins. The celebration was green-themed and facilitated an eco-reasonable where neighborhood organizations and merchants exhibited their eco-friendly gadgets and products.

Club Congress has four particularly extraordinary bars: The Tavern or Tap Room, one of Tucson’s most loved cowhand watering openings since 1919 – this bar highlights unique drawings by cowboy craftsman Pete Martinez, the roof brags a wall painting by Marinez that has been concealed since redesigning in the 1960; The principle bar in the club room, including a 100-year-old bartop that was initially situated in the ” The Talk of the Town ” bar and named for its unique length and perfect wood segments; The Cybar, a club off to the side of the dance floor, once home to a digital bistro over 10 years back, and the Hotel Lobby Bar, highlighting more than 150 distinct sorts of premium spirits and a front line mixed drink menu. In the same way as other prominent on-start foundations the nation over, Club Congress’ drink program concentrates on crisp fixings, great mixed drinks and distinguishing signature drinks.

The Cup Café at the hotel won the 2010 World Margarita Title at the Tucson Culinary Celebration, where barkeeper Harold Wreath and Drink Executive Aaron DeFeo’s margarita, “Marguerite Nouveau” won over the judges with its Solerno Blood Orange culinary froth. The Congress Hotel and the Glass Bistro likewise decorated “Best Mixed drink Menu” in the Tucson Week after week’s “Best of Tucson 2010”. The Club Congress was titled as one of the best bars in America by the Esquire magazine in June 2007. This wonderful blog post was sponsored by Best Mesa Carpet Cleaning… If you’re looking for a Mesa Carpet Cleaning company, look no further than Best Mesa Carpet Cleaning.


Check out “The Pressure” playing at the Club Congress in this video!