Crescent Ballroom

Crescent Ballroom is one of well known music venues. It is situated in 308 N. 2nd Avenue Phoenix, AZ 85003. Crescent Ballroom hall is made of basically three things: A moderate sized music venue in Downtown Phoenix with a limit of 550 individuals and unrecorded music consistently; a lounge open day by day with thoroughly stocked bar benefit; and a kitchen, Cocina 10, serving a unique, privately sourced menu created by Chris Bianco. Cocina 10 and the parlor are open weekdays for lunch and serve food and beverages until midnight seven days seven days. The F.L. Hart Garage, a block-constructed building built in 1917 is used as adaptive reuse project by Crescent Ballroom.

The history of this now turned concert venue building has a long interesting history. The F.L. Hart Carport is a 1910s single-story, block building with a wood truss rooftop framework, demonstrative of mid twentieth Century business structures in Phoenix, Arizona. Built in 1917, the building is situated in the notable Bring forth Expansion and dates to a period when Phoenix quickly changed itself from a little, cultivating based community to an urban focus with cleared avenues, cars and a growing notoriety as a tourist destination.

The F.L. Hart Garage is huge in the historical backdrop of transportation in Phoenix as it sits along the first Dixie Overland Highway, all the more regularly known as US Highway 80. As an individual from the inaugural class of US thruways or highways dispatched in 1926, US 80 was the primary all-climate across the nation course accessible to auto voyagers. The Dixie Overland Highway, which went through Phoenix along Van Buren Street, was often alluded to as the “Broadway of America,” and was once specked with engine cabins and car carports, obliging visitors.

The building itself was home to a few auto-related organizations from 1917-1940, including the Stehr Piston Rings, Albert E. Gladney Garage, Independent Garage, Foggy CB Tires, Gruhn Auto Repair, Ahlberg Bearing Co., and Spaulding Auto Electric Co., before it turned into the base camp of the Arizona Awning Company in 1945.

The Crescent Ballroom remains open from 11:00am to 12:00 am through Monday to Wednesday but on Thursday and Friday it will close on 2:00 am. On Saturday the venue remains open from 5:00 pm to 2:00 am and on Sunday the venue remains open from 10:00 am to 12:00 am.

Audience can enjoy daily live music and food services are available. The community can entertain themselves in Crescent Ballroom.